Thursday, May 24, 2018

Zoo days

Each Wednesday during May, Will went to Zoo Kids, a three hour preschool class at the zoo. This was such an awesome activity for him because he absolutely loves the zoo! He has been saying he wants to be a zoo keeper when he grows up, and the theme for this month was actually "Zookeepers!" The very first class, they got to make zookeeper badges and go behind the scenes at the Manatee Cove.  Funny enough, after this first class, he declared that he no longer wanted to be a zookeeper.  I asked why, and he replied, "They have to clean up poop!" Haha! However, he seemed to forget that unpleasant aspect of zookeeping, and by the next week was back to his original excitement about his career prospects. Each week they visited a different animal at the zoo and would have different animal friends come to class to pet.  I think we will have to sign him up for this class again next fall or spring. It was something he definitely really enjoyed.

The one tough part of the class was that it started at 1:30pm, Laney's nap time. Each week we tried out different napping schedules. First keeping her up and trying to get her to nap after I dropped Will off (didn't work, she feel asleep in the car and took a very short nap). Then I tried having her nap before the class (worked once but usually it was tough to get her to go to sleep that early). So one day when Laney took a good nap before dropping Will off, I decided to stay at the zoo with Laney until it was time to meet Eliana at home when she got off the bus.  Laney and I had a special mommy/daughter time visiting some monkeys, bears, elephants, and birds.  The funniest thing was when she would imitate the animals she was looking at.  When the water monitor (big snake like lizard) would stick its tongue out, so would Laney.  When the duck would try to clean its feathers under its wing, Laney licked her arm.  When the tiger was sleeping, Laney laid her head down on her arm. It was so cute!

Sticking her tongue out like a water monitor

She loved watching the sloth bear and did not want to leave this enclosure.

Laney loves birds so she really enjoyed when we walked through the aviary. She walked up and down the path several times, but kept coming back to see these ducks.

Laney also thought the little birds like this cardinal flying around the zoo were an especially great part of our zoo trip.  She chased them all over the sidewalk.

Mommy/Laney date!

Checking out the rhino statue.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Eliana's soccer team

This spring Eliana has been playing soccer with our parish's school league. Soccer is one of David's great loves, which seems to be rubbing off on the kids.  Will was disappointed that he was too young to play on a team.  Eliana was on the kindergarten team which was not very competitive but focused on building skills like passing the ball.  It was great fun to watch Eliana progress week to week, and make new friends with the other girls on the team.  The last game was especially exciting because I could see how much all of the girls had grown.  Eliana looked especially good as the goalie (her favorite position) for one of the quarters.  She made several great saves and looked so proud of herself!  After the last game, the coaches took the girls out for ice cream and gave out medals.  It was a great season.


Making saves as the goalie

Running her butt off!

Ice cream after the game.

Eliana's biggest fan

The girls and their medals.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's day

I had to work on mother's day this year, but just celebrated a day early. The kids were up early for breakfast with mom.  They couldn't wait to give my my presents.  For several days prior they had been hiding things in their closet, first after a shopping trip with Dad, then when they would bring things home from school.  Will and Ana both came home from school and shouted, "Don't look in my backpack Mom!" Then they would run off to their room and hide something in their closet.  So before we could do anything else, they ran to their room and brought out my gifts.
First Eliana gave me a bookmark with a thumbprint flower she made.

Laney gave me a giant smile.

New slippers! Eliana told me it would be like walking on marshmallow stuffed pillows.

Will really did not want me to take his pictures.

After breakfast we took a trip to Goodale Park. It was a lovely sunny day.
Laney swinging.

This is a spinning disc that I can hardly even watch Will do. It makes me motion sick to even look at it!

Stand up teeter totter.

This sweet mermaid loves the slide!

 After the park we took a short walk to North Market for lunch.  It worked out so well because with market style shops, it was easy to get food everyone would like. Plus we ate outside, so Laney could run around a bit without a problem.  Sometimes eating out can be tough with three young ones, but this could not have been more perfect. After lunch was ice cream then naps.
Because I had to work on Sunday, we went to mass Saturday evening. I got to snuggle with my favorite kids during church (even when Laney and I had to take a little break out in the narthex...). To top the evening off, David made dinner and then did all the dishes.  It may have just about been the perfect day.  What a way to feel blessed for Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Pool Time

While this seemed like the winter that would never end, we have now skipped spring entirely and went straight to summer. So on a hot day in early May, we busted out the big pool and went swimming in the backyard. Eliana was begging to do this for days before I finally gave in and inflated the pool.  May seems a bit early, but you can't argue with 80 degree days.  While the day was warm, the water was freezing!  I warned the kids that the hose water would be cold, but they didn't mind to much.  At least the older two.  Laney did not enjoy the freezing cold water, and asked to go inside instead.  When the pool was full, Will and Ana would jump in and out, over and over again. I think the water was colder than they wanted to admit. But it still was great fun.  I think we will be having lots of time by the pool this summer.

Laney spent her morning playing in the sandbox, trying to eat the sand.

We started with the sprinkler

Laney got to wear Will's old swimsuit because her one from last summer did not fit. However, she only lasted in the water for about a second before she was crying to go in. It was just too cold!

Eating lunch in his goggles

Now Laney is napping, and the big kids are having a pool party!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Things my kids love

Things my kids love

Wearing her brother's Mickey Mouse pjs.

Playdough. She can play with this for upwards of an hour. And amazingly, she doesn't eat it!

Watering mommy's plants

Grabbing handfuls of dirt from my potted plants and either a) dumping it in the yard or b) eating it.

Stick, aka swords. The bigger the better.

Dinosaur encyclopedias. He loves all books about dinosaurs. Every time we go to the library, he gets a new nonfiction book or two about dinosaurs.  He loves to have these read to him but will also sit on the couch and look at the pictures by himself for a long time. T-rex is his favorite, but he likes all meat eaters as well.
Ice cream

Taking selfies (or making movies of herself) on my phone.
I find these surprises on my phone all the time!

These are just a few of the things my kids love, but ones well documented by my phone.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Friends come to visit

We had some friends come over to visit, and the weather was so beautiful we spent much of the morning outside. Will was at preschool that morning, which is why he is not pictured.

Laney and Beatrice on the swing set

Eliana and Sam on the swing set.  Look at how time flies.  Eliana and Sam have been friends since they were younger than even the girls pictured above. Now they are both six years old and in kindergarten! I hope this never changes.

Babies with their babies.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Preschool creations

In preschool this week, the kids were talking about the weather. William brought home this creation.  It is of course a ... jellyfish! Hahahahaha classic Will.  It's like that time in preschool he refused to make a handprint turkey for Thanksgiving until his teachers painted his hand blue and called it a dinosaur! I laughed so hard I cried.