Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Opening day at the pool!

The Saturday before Memorial Day, our neighborhood pools opened for the season.  We were there at 10:30am, suits on and ready to swim! Everyone is done with school, so we will likely be at the pool practically every day for the rest of the summer!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Last day of school!

Will finished up his last day of Teddy Bears preschool in mid May.  He had an amazing spring concert! In the past, Will has not sung the songs that they have worked on at school at home. This spring, however, he would often be signing his songs and wanting me to watch him do the hand motions. I could tell he was really excited. The concert was the beginning of May, and he did great! He sang most of the songs and knew the hand motions as well! I remember last year he would often do the hand motions but couldn't sing at the same time. So I was really proud of him.  Will will have one more year of preschool next year.  He is technically eligible for kindergarten, but he has a summer birthday and will really benefit from another year of preschool.  He is really excited to be in the Polar Bear class next year.  They are the big kids at school, and have a special classroom located downstairs! If you ask him about school, he will always tell you that he will be going DOWNSTAIRS next year! Several of his classmates this year will be going to Polar Bears as well, so I think he is really going to have a lot of fun. I'm really glad he will have another year of half day school before he has to go all day long (I'll miss my little buddy!).

Laney will also be starting preschool next year.  She will go to the Pandas class just like her older siblings did.  I will have two kiddos at BEARS Preschool and no one at home two days a week!  What will I do with myself? Laney is really excited and can't wait to start school like her big siblings. She has already told me that she will be taking her fox lunch box and Paw Patrol backpack to school.  She's ready to be a big girl!

The preschool has a picnic to celebrate the end of the year, and this year included snow cones!  Will had a blast running around with all of his guy friends (which I don't usually get to see).  He has really blossomed this year and made a lot of friends.  I'm excited for him coming back and doing one more year as a Polar Bear!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Gymnastics for All

This winter and spring, all three kids participated in gymnastics. The younger two basically took a tumbling class t ogetherwith the gymnastics equipment, but it was absolutely perfect for them.  Will and Laney loved it so much.

Laney really liked wearing her leotard for class

While it was fun to have a class they could take together, this was a constant problem - Will wanting to wrestle Laney.

Assisted handstand! Laney was fearless and loved doing things that involved going upside down (this handstand mat and hanging upside down from the bars).

About halfway through the class, Will decided gymnastics were actually a ninja training class.  He loved jumping from different equipment and doing ninja kicks and chops.  He wanted me to capture him in action in this picture.

Ninja chop!
Eliana's class was much more structured and geared toward learning actual skills, not just running around. Eliana also enjoyed her class, but she is definitely not as fearless as Laney.  A gymnast needs a certain amount of confidence and lack of fear in able to commit to some moves (like a cartwheel - you can't do that slowly - you have to basically throw your body into the move or you can't get enough momentum to carry your legs around). She definitely improved as the year went on, but I'm not sure she is exactly Olympic gymnast material! She does have great balance though and always excelled at the balance beam.

I'll definitely continue gymnastics with Laney next fall.  She will have a lot more choices of classes besides just a tumbling class since she will be three.  Eliana said she might be interested in trying soccer again (because her friend Adele is playing now!) or possibly tennis. We will see what Will wants to do.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Easter 2019

Per Eliana's request, we started off the Easter Triduum by dying Easter eggs.  This year went much better than years past. Everyone was mostly old enough to dye eggs successfully without cracking too many. And Eliana was happy to dye the cracked ones too.  Laney had the most fun with just taking the same egg and putting it in every color. Eliana was also happy to "help" her with the rest of her eggs while she focused on just the one.

I was supposed to work Easter this year, but due to some last minute changes, I managed to have the weekend off.  We went to Indianapolis for Easter and saw lots and lots of family. All of my siblings and their spouses were at my parents' house as well as their kids.  Then all of David's siblings and significant others were at his parents' house. It was like a double family reunion!

We spent Friday night with my family and managed to get all of the cousins in one picture with just a few tears.

Saturday we went to David's parents house. His siblings had planned a little Easter egg hunt for the kids with the amazing surprise of little containers slime in the eggs instead of candy! What a great idea! The kids played for a long time after the hunt with the slime, which worked out much better than gorging on candy while waiting for dinner. 

The Easter Bunny left baskets for the kids in the morning.

We got dressed up so nicely for church, but when I asked the kids to stand for a picture, this is what I got. 
Eliana felt bad after for sticking her tongue out and asked for a redo.
We ended the trip by heading over to my Aunt Karen's house for a large family gathering, meal, and Easter Egg hunt.

Cousins Hannah and Naomi

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Laney Lu and the Hair that doesn't Grow

Laney is 2.5 years old now, and she has the same hairstyle practically as when she was born. It dumbfounds me how her hair just does not grow. Especially in the front. I recently trimmed the very back of her hair, just to even it up a bit. But I have never touched the front. And still, the hair just barely flutters on her forehead. Definitely no concern of her bangs getting into her eyes. At least her hair seems to be getting thicker, which is helping it lay down better. She used to be like a little chick, with her hair sticking straight up like downy feathers. For the most part, Laney will not let me put anything in her hair. I think it looks cute with a headband or even in little piggy tails that stick out from her head. But that look only lasts a couple of minutes before she pulls them out. Laney is still regularly called "he" or "your son." Oh well, at least it is better than long hair that is always in tangles!

Her hair still gets pretty fluffy in the wind!

The Before picture - after I wet it down though

The After picture - much straighter!

Doesn't grow in the front though! This picture with Laney's round little face reminded me so much of Eliana.


Three, per her request.
 In other Laney news...

My little sneak loves coffee. I went to gather the laundry and came back to find her in Will's room with my latte! She loves the "hot milk" and always asks for a sip.
 Last week at the park Laney fell at the playground and busted open her eyelid. Being a face wound, it bled like crazy and looked awful! The cut was pretty shallow, and the bleeding stopped quickly after I applied pressure, but the side were gaping. I debated on taking her to urgent care to see if it would need a couple of stitches. Mostly I was concerned because Laney is such a picker and won't leave scabs alone. I was afraid she would keep opening the wound back up. However, we decided urgent care would be more trauma than it was worth, so we just took care of it at home. Laney must have been really traumatized by the fall and blood, because she hasn't messed with it at all.  She actually left the bandaids alone for three days, and would barely let anyone come near her eye, much less pick at it herself. It is healing quite nicely and I imagine will only leave a small scar. When we went back to the same playground a couple of days ago, Laney refused to play on the equipment and only sat in my lap.  She said it was scary and she would "get blood again."  I was a little surprised because Laney has always been our rough and tumble, crazy daring girl. I've expected her to be the first one of the kids to need stitches. But this definitely slowed her down for a few days!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Will the paleontologist

Will used his Christmas money to buy a little dinosaur bone excavation kit. He loved it! He says he would like to be a paleontologist when he grows up.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Spring garden

Our Mary Garden had beautiful crocuses bloom this spring. It's one of my favorite parts of the garden. And brings hope of warm weather to come!

This is the face Laney made with I told all the kids to smile!