Tuesday, May 23, 2017


This spring I signed the kids up for weekly soccer lessons with Soccer Shots.  This was a skills class - they did not have a team or play matches.  I thought since they are just 2 and 5, the skills class would be better than an actual soccer league with games that involve little kids just swarming the ball. William has always liked kicking balls a bit more than Eliana, and his friend Paulo was signed up for the same class.  So I thought he would really like it, but I wasn't sure about Eliana.  She hasn't had that much interest in balls or sports before.  William was in the 2s and 3s class and Eliana followed immediately in the 4-6 year old class.

Eliana turned out to be the soccer star and loved the lessons!  William actually was a little scared or shy at first and didn't want to participate.  I spent the first 4 lessons trying to get him to join the other kids on the field, but all he wanted to do was sit in my lap on the sideline.  Finally I bribed him with a promise of a fruit snack treat at the end of the lesson if he would participate.  That did the trick!  He played the whole time and has been excited about soccer ever since!  Eliana has been one of the best players on the field during her lesson (not that I'm biased).  I'm sure it helps that she is one of the tallest and oldest players.

David, as you can imagine, was quite excited about the lessons (actually it was his idea to sign them up).  When he was on his inpatient service, he would try to get Mondays off just so that he could watch them play.  Unfortunately, most of the lessons he saw were the ones where William didn't want to play.  Oh well, I took some pictures so that he could see what a star William is now.  Probably one of the reasons Eliana has been so excited about playing is because of her daddy's love of soccer.  They will often watch Arsenal play on Sundays together.  Eliana told me that she either wants to be a goalie or she wants to be Arsenal (??? - I didn't realize Arsenal was a position...).  I might try to see if there is an actual league to sign Eliana up for next school year.  I think she would really enjoy it, as long as the uniforms are yellow (Arsenal's color).

First lesson - William mostly sat and held his ball instead of playing.

Laney had a good time with me on the sidelines

Eliana "squashing the bug" (stopping the ball).  The lessons were really low key which is good since Eliana liked to wear dresses and skirts.

Two weeks ago - see Will out there about to score a goal?!  At the end of each lesson, all of the kids get to score a goal which involves lots of cheering and high fives.

Soccer Shots jersey

Laney playing with William during Eliana's lesson.

Eliana in her jersey too.  My soccer shots stars!

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